What are people saying about the Marketing Medic?

"John on my inside team came in and said (Mike's) better at running ads than I am!"

"(Mike's) just got a really unique ability to understand the marketplace..."

"He cares more about you and your business more than pretty much anyone else I have seen out there."

Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels Founder

Stop Trying to Fit Together Pieces from Different Puzzles

Execute a Strategic Implementation Formula

Do It Once, Do It Right and Get Results

"...nobody better I would recommend that you go to to have your funnel fixed than Mike, the Marketing Medic... "

"He understands the tactics, the strategy, the idea, the offer... he understands how to make it all congruent with traffic"

Todd Brown

Marketing Funnel Automation

"...Marketing Medic Apprenticeship Program revolutionized my business and quite frankly my life... "

"the stress of my business has gone down dramatically."

"... in the past 4 months have made over $200,000..."

"I would never have started that business if it wasn't for Mike."

Rachel Miller

Moolah Marketer

"2-Comma Club Winner"

"I did way way better (with Mike Caldwell) than I would have done alone."

"... his instruction, his guidance, everything about the man was kickass, it was killer."


Les Stroud


"...(Mike) has been a huge benefit to me and my online business..."

"... he grabbed me by the arms and said Dude, this is where you're screwin' up and this is where you're doing alright"

"... within a month we got those clicks down to 13 cents a click, anybody who knows this game knows that is a tremendous accomplishment..."

Troy Olds

Ascend Wellness Basecamp

"...he opened up with everything he knew, he doesn't hold back... "

"... one thing about Mike that is so exceptional is that he is so empathetic to really everyone he works with."

"If you ever get the chance to do anything with Mike, I would say TAKE IT."

James Key Lim


A "Testimony" to One of My Affiliate Platform Earnings

"(the modules are) invaluable, full of strategies, very very high level... "

"I find myself waiting every Wednesday for the Zoom call"

"this is for the long-term, this is something great"

Liad Messinger

"...you're a helluva lot smarter and a helluva more talented than anyone gave you credit for... "

"within a week or so, I wasn't getting 1 or 3 leads a day, I was getting 1 to 3 leads an hour"

Wade Collins


"...this is something that most people can't teach effectively, (but) he has been able to teach this strategy to all of his student so that its understood by all of us..."

"... he's able to nail down where the problem is, and help you fix that problem"

"... you are absolutely going to be bulletproof"

"... (Mike) is one of the most genuine people you're ever going to want to meet"


Krissy Dreihs Heeg

"...I was just blown away by the content "

"Mike just focuses on the things that matter"

"...it's just totally different from anything else that I've learned - EVEN FROM RUSSELL"

Chad Boswell

No Paycheck Needed

"...his program is densely packed with a lot of take action items..."

"... Mike is an unpretentious person, but honest and really helpful... he won't lead you wrong"

"... (Mike will) tell you the truth, frankly but kindly."

"... without using the wu-wu new age stuff, he shows you how to lay out the stepping stones to success..."

Lynelle DeRoo

Brush For Life

Goofing around, having fun in Boise with the Clickfunnels crew.

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